spectacle retainer SeawiscopeSR

Divers' Spectacle Retainer

SeawiscopeSpectacleRetainer is a strong, durable lanyard of elastomeric synthetic fibers. On top of all the functional features of ordinary spectacle retainers, it has been specially designed for outdoor activities, in particular for water-sports, including scuba diving.

It has a section of 5 mm diameter. The standard size has a loop length of about 76 cm (30 inches). This length fits most people nicely. A modest size, loop length about 66 cm or 26 inches, is also available for those needing a shorter lanyard.

SeawiscopeSR is equipped with an adjustable slide. A slip-fit frame attachment goes over temple ends (earpieces), holding the eyewear securely. It is flexible and fits almost any eyewears.

A loosely fitted lanyard around the neck rests the eyewear at chest level when it is not in use, handy for those who put on and off spectacles frequently.

For vigorous sports, the lanyard may act as a headband with appropriate slide adjustment. This keeps the eyewear stable and snugly in their optical position.

Spectacles Retainer Image
Designed by Divers for Divers
Divers, swimmers and people engaging water sports often rush to find a place to house their prescription glasses before jumping into water. They again need to dash ashore for their spectacles to regain sights. Spectacle storage can be very much a hustle and bustle.

Spectacles stored under rash guard Spectacles hung over chest Spectacles stored under rash guard

SeawiscopeSR is designed to keep spectacles with you in water. Shorten the lanyard with the adjustable slide so that the folded spectacles hang over your chest, below collar bones. The spectacles can then be safely and comfortably stored under your wetsuit or rash guard. In this way, the spectacles will also be available the minute you want them.
* We are able to supply longer or shorter lanyards upon request.