Underwater Magnifier SeawiscopeMW
Exploring the World of Miniatures

SeawiscopeMiniatureWorld is a handheld magnifying instrument for scuba divers.

Viewing the fine details of a shrimp Viewing tube internal design
Yellow viewing tube Orange viewing tube

Underwater Magnifier
The underwater world nourishes numerous creatures that are sometimes too small for the naked eyes. Ordinary magnifiers do not help to check out a pigmy seahorse because they are not designed for underwater uses. SeawiscopeMW is a magnifying tube to aid scuba divers seeing fine details. Divers who fail to check out tiny organisms or who want to study microscopic details find this small device valuable and full of fun.

Magnifier on hand
Handy Near Vision Aid
For divers who have difficulties with near objects, SeawiscopeMW can be made available for occasional near vision. This is very much the same as a pocket magnifier for fine prints, for example, at the back of an air ticket.

For serious near vision, we recommend you to try our SeawiscopeEY: the ultimate near vision aid for divers.

Optical System Custom-designed for Divers
SeawiscopeMW lenses are mathematically shaped to optimize magnification underwater.

Lenses are made of hard mineral material, instead of plastics, to enhance their ability to withstand frequent handling and seawater eruption. They are carefully coated to further their surface hardness and improve clarity underwater.

Tubular Design Enhances Vision Concentration
A specially designed viewing tube, not simply a naked magnifying lens, ensures vision concentration. The viewing port has a diameter of 60 mm. The extendable viewing tube isolates objects of interest and stops unrelated views to confuse your sight. The fully extended tube has a length of 16 cm.

The tubular design also protects the optical lens from unintentional scratches and bumps.
Magnifier in use

Double the Magnification, Double the Fun
The basic optical system of a SeawiscopeMW provides enough magnification for most purposes underwater. Some serious divers may consider acquiring an additional optical part. The combined system approximately doubles the magnification. This may reveal more details that would be otherwise ignored.

This extra optical part is identical to the lens installed in the basic unit. Besides using it to give extra magnification, this extra lens can very well to serve as a spare lens for the basic unit.
Extra magnification Setup

Ways carrying SeawiscopeMW Ways carrying SeawiscopeMW Ways carrying SeawiscopeMW

Every Dive is a Fun Dive
SeawiscopeMW is designed as part of your standard diving gears. It should be readily available for you to see more and better. To be ready for uses, a lanyard and an adjustable slide secure the device around your arm, or hung onto the BCD.

To bring a SeawiscopeMW along every dive, a carrying bag, to be snap hooked onto your buoyancy gear, is provided.

SeawiscopeMW has an approximated external size of 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) diameter , length 11 cm (4.3 inches) un-extended, 16 cm (6.3 inches) fully extended. It is small enough to put into your BCD pocket.