Hello Buddy SeawiscopeHB
A Simple Aid to Locate your Dive Buddy
A Faithful Dive Buddy
Keep missing out your buddy in a tour with your dive master? SeawiscopeHelloBuddy is designed to keep your buddy always in sight.

Scuba diving is six dimensional. Rolling over to check the presence of your buddy with all the gears is prohibitive. The sure way to get hold of a buddy is to hold his/her hand in a dive.

If your dive buddy is not intimate enough to give his/her hand, use a
SeawiscopeHB. A simple hand twist confirms your buddy is in pace.

Device in action
HB held on hand An instrument of standard
SeawiscopeHB is a rear-view mirror especially designed for scuba divers. It provides an exceptional large field of view with a 70 mm diameter convex mirror. The glass mirror is protected with a replaceable plastic cover. Both the mirror and the cover lens are of optical grade, providing crystal clear vision.

SeawiscopeHB can be handheld, mounted behind the pressure gauge, or be fastened onto one of the hoses with our accompanied lanyard and an adjustable slide. An option is also provided with a snap hook to hang onto your buoyancy jacket.
HB to pressure gauge
Ways carrying SeawiscopeHB Ways carrying SeawiscopeHB Ways carrying SeawiscopeHB

You Won't Dive Without a Buddy
SeawiscopeHB is to be carried along with you on every dive. It has an external size of 8.5 cm (3.3 inches) diameter , depth 4 cm (1.6 inches), a good BCD pocket sized little tool.

A sporty meshed carrying bag is also provided. The bag can be snap hooked onto your buoyancy jacket. SeawiscopeHB can be directly hung onto your BCD through the lanyard.