Near Aid SeawiscopeEY
The Only Near Vision Aid for Divers
SeawiscopeEverYoung is a specialized divers' aid for near vision.

Senior divers, who have normal distance vision, have difficulties seeing near objects, not just tiny critters but also their life saving gauges.
This is presbyopia.

Young anxious divers may be interested to study beautiful fine details of miniatures.

SeawiscopeEY is a very convenient head-mounting underwater magnifier .

The original SeawiscopeEY is equipped with a mounting frame that facilitates fitting onto most habitual masks a diver is using .

We are now offering a new option neatly fitting a SeawiscopeEY onto a mask with a standard action camera (e.g. GoPro) mount.

To keep all the functional optics and 3 D vision, the original lens set of a standard SeawiscopeEY is used. Coated optical glass ensures high resistance to seawater eruption and enhances the ability to withstand frequent handling.

SeawiscopeEY Standard Mounting

SeawiscopeEY Action Camera Mounting

It gets rid of the original fitting frame, giving a slimmer appearance. This also reduces water resistance in a dive. The near vision lens set can be installed on demand and, if wish, conveniently removed to return a normal diving mask.