Near Aid SeawiscopeEY
The Only Near Vision Aid for Divers
SeawiscopeEverYoung is a specialized divers' aid for near vision.

It is NOT a gauge reader and it does much more than reading glasses (or bifocals, varifocals .. etc.) do for newspapers on dry land. SeawiscopeEYis a specialized divers' aid for near vision.

SeawiscopeEY allows seeing marine creatures in every detail. It is an indispensable tool to divers who have near vision difficulties (presbyopia) in the natural course of their dive career.

For young divers who want to see more, SeawiscopeEY is a very convenient head-mounting underwater magnifier .

For your eyes only : Fine details of tiny water creatures, coral shrimps, spider crabs, pipefish, nudibranchs and alike might be just macro photos for a long time. SeawiscopeEY magnifies and enables seeing all these in actions with your own eyes. The device provides large visual fields, enables single binocular vision. These are the optimal conditions for 3D vision.

Underwater photography : The device provides promising results to underwater photographers. With us, you will be able to put on appropriate setting in your camera, find and frame posed miniatures within your LED monitors.

Fine details of two little fishes
Custom Designed Optical Lenses
The pair of lenses is of optical grade, made of highly transparent hard mineral material. Plastic lenses are not used because of their poor reputation for scratches.

Lenses are mathematically shaped to optimize near vision underwater. They are carefully coated to further optical clarity. Our lenses are heavy-duty designed : high resistance to seawater eruption and enhanced ability to withstand frequent handling.

A word of note, vision will be blurred out on dry land uses. The lenses are designed for the underwater environment.

Full field of view both for distant and near vision
The lens pair is flipped into position in needs and rotated out of way, totally unconstructively, the rest of a normal dive. In both cases, unlike partitioned windows or half lenses, our device does not restrict how wide the field one can see, the dive mask window does.

The deviceDevice mounted, viewer flipped up clearing for normal distance visionDevice mounted, viewer flipped down to read dive computer/gauge, or to explore fine details of the miniature world

One power fits all : Unlike reading glasses, no changes of lens powers are needed with one's progression of reading difficulty.

No fogging up
The pair of lenses is installed outside the mask, totally immerged in water. Fogging up is not an issue and it does not hinder normal purging and equalizing.

Double systems double the functionality
SeawiscopeEY uses a dual-stop design to facilitate functions: clicking lenses into positions, or securing lenses for vigorous activities. The former allows convenient lens rotation for appropriate vision distances. The later locks lenses in positions, for example, while jumping into water, or in case of swift currents. It takes less effort than putting on/off a pair of reading glasses on dry land.

Seamless mounting
SeawiscopeEY is robustly designed to mount onto most standard dive masks, including those with prescriptions. Coupling the device with a mask is accomplished with two strong elastomeric bands. This allows easy fitting and leaving it in position securely the entire dive session. The video gives the Step-by-Step demonstration of the mounting process.

Device properly mounted Mounting elastic band going back- and downward between mask skirt and strap Top view
Band going out from mask lower side forward to front Band fastened up to device arm

Reading OK, but wish to see the very details : If you read your gauges alright but wish to explore more details, SeawiscopeEY enables seeing microscopic creatures in an extra-ordinary near distance. You will be amazed to see how beautiful these creatures are under magnification.
You won't dive again without a SeawiscopeEY
Don't give up diving for failing to read the dive computers.

Don't feel sorry for not yet seeing a pigmy seahorse because it lies beyond your vision spectrum.

Don't harbor the funs of the miniature world for they staying too far (more exactly, too close away.
Pigmy in PG

SeawiscopeEY: The diver's only near aid. The treasure of tiny creatures is awaiting for you.

Try our SeawiscopeEY and you will love it.

Presbyopia is the condition when near vision fails slowly with ageing of the crystalline lens within the eye. Common near vision aids include reading glasses, readers, bifocals or varifocals. On using these aids, one need to read within a confined distance range, no good if the near works lie too close or too far away. These spectacles do not work when they are submerged in water. It is because refractive index of water alters lens effective powers (i.e. prescriptions of spectacles).